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Lead How You Want To Be Lead

Hello, friends! It’s Monday and I wanted to start your weeks off with a simple question to help you put things into perspective: Who do you look up to in the world?

The state of our world today is a tumultuous one and when you look at all of the leaders that we have to
look up to it seems glum, and quite frankly, kind of disheartening. After you look around, you’ll find that
it is really difficult to find someone who is doing something correct. No matter where you look, left or
right, someone is saying something ridiculous or doing something outrageous. At the end of the day though, we need to remember that even our leaders are human beings and have flaws. A leader that I do want to mention, however, is Canada’s Justin Trudeau.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fully agree with everything he does, but I think there’s a lot that we can
learn from him. He propagates love and compassion amongst his people and he also cares about real
world issues at large. If you follow him on social media like I do, you can see him at work every day to
better the lives of others and happily giving his time to his people and those in other countries in need.
What people don’t realize is that we are one world and what one leader does or how he acts affects the
rest of the world and can change it – either for the better or the worse.

Back home in Germany, we all really look up to Angela Merkel because she is also a strong and moving
woman. As the chancellor of Germany, she also shows a lot of compassion with her decision making and
truly does stand by her people. Sidenote – I especially love her Donald Trump eye-rolls. Merkel is truly a
badass and a force that brings about positive movements.

In India, there are lots of people doing such amazing work. I have continued to be amazed by Ratan Tata
and how this one man has given away almost 70% of his fortune to charitable efforts specifically in
medicine, social and rural development, and education. This is so awesome! As a philanthropist myself, I
just hope that I can continue to give more and more back to the community with each passing year. Life
has been full of blessings, and I just want to pay it forward in any way I can.

There really are some remarkable people that we can look up to, but the key is to become one of those
people yourself! The future belongs to us young folk and it’s up to us to become the people and the
leaders we want to be for the world. Whether you are a role model at home for your siblings, in your
school, church or temple, or job, just keep in mind that you have to be trendsetters of positivity and
leadership for the next generation.

I would love to hear from you all – who do you look up to and why?

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