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Hey guys! I’m back again with more exciting news about my September picks of the month. I’ve spent time picking a few products that really speak to me and things I feel you will love, too! Our first picks for September are beautiful Lashes by Avina, vegan meal supplement Ace Blend protein powder, a lovely Floral Kimono by Solaris Style and the super cool Doodlage Journal.
First, on our list of fabulous, NEW products – we have the Lashes by Avina! These are luxury lashes designed for those who want elegant, hand-crafted eyelashes with a perfect natural look. I love these lashes because they are exclusively hand-made from 100% human hair which gives them a very natural finish. I can wear them ALL day and they’re designed to be used up to 20 times!! Click this link to get yours today: http://www.shopxoe.com/product/lashes-by-avina/

If you’re as conscious as I am about eating right, the Ace Blend meal replacement powder is just what you need! It is a revolutionary source of daily nourishment and a meal that includes all our essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants. Each packet gives you 20 grams of Plant protein, 5 multi-greens, and 3 natural antioxidants. I love this product because it makes my skin glow and its 100% Vegan, so I often replace my breakfast with it when I’m running off for an early flight, shoot, or office meeting! This protein powder also has a matching bottle available at Shop XOE!

To purchase the Ace Blend Protein Powder and bottle click here – http://www.shopxoe.com/product/ace-blend/

This piece is dear to my heart! This upcycled journal by Doodlage is perfect for traveling or even if you just want to organize your documents. I love this eco-friendly, stylish statement journal because it is truly unique and sustainable, I keep all my notes in there! To purchase this beautiful journal, you can click here to shop now: http://www.shopxoe.com/product/textured-journal-by-doodlage/

I’m so happy to share this beautiful Empress Floral Kimono by Solaris Style! I love how this kimono feel and how it flows when I walk. It’s super smooth satin feel shines and makes for one stunning kimono. I can’t get enough of the floral detailing which makes this piece extremely eye-catching! It’s perfect to throw over your PJs in the morning or at my photo shoots! Get yours today here http://www.shopxoe.com/product/the-empress-floral-kimono-by-solaris-style/

Last but not least, The SFD Love Bundles are the most precious gift. These bundles are filled with daily care, eco-friendly products and given to those in need. Sponsoring SFD Love Bundles means you’re sharing the love and giving back to the community for only INR 500. So as you’re busy shopping for yourself, why don’t you add this special gift to your cart here to give love to someone else – http://www.shopxoe.com/product/sfd-love-bundles/

Check out our other products as well and stay up to date with Shop XOE because I will be sharing my picks every month!

Let me know in the COMMENTS if you liked these products after using them, and what other items are your favourites at the moment.


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