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There is literally no place in the world that is better for our souls than our own homes. Travel where you will; go near, far, and everywhere in between, but I can almost guarantee you that you will have the best of feels in your very own home. My home is my place of solace and refuge, and even though it’s difficult

Don’t you love it when Mumbai gets cold for that one week in winter? Almost gives you those sweaters and boots winter vibes! This year I was lucky to experience a full-blown snowy winter in America though! As the world rang in 2019, I did the same except in the good ole’ United States of America! This place brings back so many

Hey guys, It may not always be the right decision to go for it. Surprised to hear me say that, right? For a workaholic like myself, I’m equally surprised to hear me say that, too! Don’t get me wrong, this past year has brought me so many wonderful opportunities, but sometimes you have know when to respectfully decline and say no. I’ve been

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