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Hey guys, It may not always be the right decision to go for it. Surprised to hear me say that, right? For a workaholic like myself, I’m equally surprised to hear me say that, too! Don’t get me wrong, this past year has brought me so many wonderful opportunities, but sometimes you have know when to respectfully decline and say no. I’ve been

It's no surprise that the Seams For Dreams Garage Sale is something that I really, really look forward to every year. There's nothing like spreading holiday cheer through two things that I love - shopping AND giving back! At the Seams For Dreams Garage Sale, you're actually making a difference by shopping and helping us help more people in need. That's really

Hey guys, Ever since starting my new venture Work In Progress, it’s been important for me to tailor my look accordingly; after all, your vibe attracts your tribe and you must always dress the part, especially as a business woman! Now, I’m not only representing myself in the public eye, but I’m also my company and with that other women influencers. Instead of

Hey Guys, As many of you know from my Insta stories, I went to Berlin last month for the first time EVER! Granted, it was for work, but as always I managed to sneak in lots of playtime to explore. And, I’m from Germany so this trip was extra special for me! There’s just something about landing in Germany in the autumn; with

Hey guys! I'm back with volume 2 of the XOE Report to give you our biggest highlights of November. It's been a beautiful month so far and I can't wait for it to get even better with all the things I have planned during this festive holiday season. This time around, I began the month with the release of my film "Jack &

Hey Guys! It’s a holiday week and there’s no better time than to catch up on watching all the Bollywood films you wanted to see, Jack & Dil included! I hope everyone gets a chance to go see the film; we’ve all waited so long for it to come out. I’m even more excited because my song ‘Chuski’ from the film is reaching

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