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Hey Guys,

As many of you know from my Insta stories, I went to Berlin last month for the first time EVER! Granted, it was for work, but as always I managed to sneak in lots of playtime to explore. And, I’m from Germany so this trip was extra special for me! There’s just something about landing in Germany in the autumn; with the cool, crisp air that kisses your skin and the beautiful hues of the leaves and trees. It’s definitely something I’ve missed while being in Mumbai and being in such a deeply historical city with endless stories to tell made me realize how unique every place around the world truly is, you just have to open your eyes to it.

Berlin is a city that has quite literally seen so much – from being at the epicenter of a major revolution to being the home to celebs like Bowie and U2, this city literally has a museum at every single corner.

Since I had some time before my shoot, I explored the streets of Berlin and stumbled upon famous monuments like the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Brandenburger Gate. One of my favourite things about Berlin is the lovely street art and graffiti that is dedicated to display the history of the city. There is literally no end to the fascinating art around the city and it’s so cool that it’s celebrated so colourfully!

After thoroughly traversing the city, I obviously had to stop by an authentic family-owned German bakery for lunch, where I devoured some of the tastiest pastries like streusels and bienenstich. For dinner, of course, I had to go to another German restaurant where I just couldn’t resist a schnitzel sandwich, which is probably my favourite food! I can’t wait for all my friends, family, and fans to try a little taste of Germany at the Seams For Dreams Garage Sale this year. Food is such an important part of the German culture, and I get so happy to be able to share it with everyone I love around this festive time of year because it’s the perfect holiday food!

Since I was in Berlin for work, I spent a day shooting with some influential people for a production house and after a hard day’s work, I finally ventured back to my hometown, which is right outside of Frankfurt. It was so nice to see how much has changed in my little hometown, but it was even nicer to see that everything was almost the same, especially my house that I grew up in. Spending time here really helps me feel grounded again and there’s no better feeling than being connected to my roots again.

Do any of you who live far away from home ever feel that way when you go back? What a long way we’ve all come, but truly – there is no place like home.


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