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There is literally no place in the world that is better for our souls than our own homes. Travel where you will; go near, far, and everywhere in between, but I can almost guarantee you that you will have the best of feels in your very own home. My home is my place of solace and refuge, and even though it’s difficult to find a nice home in Mumbai, let me tell you that décor is everything! It’s all about the vibe that serves you the best and for me, it’s definitely having a cozy and relaxing atmosphere where I can do some of my favourite things!

While décor can be expensive, you can also find great second-hand and vintage pieces that are marvelous fixer-uppers that don’t cost very much and just need a little love! You all already know about my love for vintage everything and DIY projects are so much fun to me. One of my favourite pieces of furniture around the house has to be my bookshelf – it’s not only vintage, but it’s classic and is now overflowing with books. Reading is really important to me, so having a nice bookshelf was a no-brainer for me because books need good homes too. 🙂 And, in case my couch ever gets too crowded because of my adorable pup and cat who also like to be in my personal space as much as possible, I have created a little nook on my balcony with a turquoise breakfast table and chairs for when the weather is nice and the tea is flowing. Of course, my babies follow me everywhere I go, so there’s plenty of space for them to roam around and lots of cushions for them to lounge on. Because cushions and pillows just make one’s home even cozier and you can always change out the covers to add pops of colors here and there. While my idea is always to keep things simple, I do appreciate colourful art and rugs that serve as accents to an otherwise neutral setting.

Another thing that is essential to any home is natural light! Having huge windows in every room so I feel energized throughout the day is home décor that I think is just priceless! I am such a sunshine child and this was one of the main things I looked for before selecting my home. Natural light is by far the best home accessory anybody can have so if that’s sorted, your home can be your happy place too!

What are some of the loveliest parts of your home? I’d love to hear some of your ideas in the comments below!

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