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There is nothing I love more than travelling. It’s truly become a way of life for me and my career as an actor and philanthropist has blessed me with countless opportunities to jet, set and go! As much as I would love to travel with my entire wardrobe because *options*, it’s always best to pack and travel light – it makes life so much easier! Gone are the days of mindless overpacking and if you’re hopping from place to place, you’ll find that staying true to what you need will help you in the long run because who wants to haul two large suitcases through a place like Bali, where you are immersed in nature and engaging in adventure sports?!

Before leaving for any international trip, I would suggest checking up on the local weather, so you know exactly what you really need! What’s the point of packing a down jacket if you’re going to Paris in the summer or flip flops if you’re going to trek in the Himalayas? Be smart about what you stuff into that suitcase, friend, and make sure you take time to plan beforehand! Pack plenty of basics that you can wear, wash and repeat, and layer and pair with other staples like leggings and denims.

Also, if you’re constricted on space, try rolling your clothes instead of folding them in the traditional way because you’ll save lots of room in your bag and your clothes will stay more wrinkle-free! It’s also great to preview your clothes and see how you can maximize what you’re packing! Finally, if you’re travelling abroad make sure you keep your travel documents and passports ON YOU at all times. Meaning – get a little fanny pack or belt that you can tuck under your comfy travel clothes because the last thing you want to do is misplace it or have it casually swiped during the security process. Most importantly, be safe and aware for a hassle-free travel experience always!


What are some of your travel and packing tips? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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