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Summertime is almost here and if you’re in Mumbai, you can definitely feel the warmth creeping back up at ya every single day. It’s getting hot and because of the heat, we have to change our beauty routines, especially for the hair!

Summer means more sun damage and more sweat, and it’s so important to make sure you are taking care of your precious locks! One of the biggest mistakes I see while people style their hair during the summer months is blow drying it after a wash. Adding all that extra heat to your hair can really damage your tresses and actually make you sweat more! It’s already warm outside, so try air drying it under a fan. It’s so much gentler and your hair will be silky smooth for the rest of the day.

While washing your hair, it’s also great to incorporate a weekly hot oil rinse during your shower routine. First, shampoo your hair as usual and then work in the oil from your tips all the way to the roots. Next, rinse it out and condition your hair as usual. Your hair should feel moisturized and not greasy. This really protects your hair and ensures that any damage can be fixed! Of course, when you’re out and about protecting your hair from the sun with a hat, scarf, or umbrella! Another major part of keeping your hair healthy and nourished is something that is a super low-cost, effective and most important – WATER. Drink lots to make sure you stay hydrated. Finally, while styling ensure that you opt for loose hairstyles, so the sweat doesn’t accumulate and ruin your beautiful hair!

What problems do you face with your hair that you need help with? Leave me a comment!


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