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The summertime means most of us struggle with our skin. Even a Bollywood actor like me, who is meant to constantly put layers of cosmetics on for various shoots, struggles during this sweltering time of the year and instead of looking like I’m on top of my skincare game, I end up looking sweaty and tired. Not only is the Mumbai sun extremely harsh for our skin, but we tend to get tanned no matter how much sunscreen we lather on. One thing is for sure – the sun can really damage our skin and when it’s so hot out, we are constantly shuffling between our face being extremely greasy to extremely dry. Because of all these factors, the summertime is a great time of the year to whip out some of those cooling and easy-to-find ingredients from our kitchens and make face packs. Personally, I enjoy doing these packs at least twice a week and because most of the ingredients can be found in my house, I like to get creative with these! There really is no excuse to having dull, dry skin. Here are some of my favourite go-to face packs to try during the summer!

1. Curd and Besan, or Gram flour
This age-old secret is for all my people who want to get rid of their tan and restore their natural glow. The best part is that almost every Indian kitchen will have plenty of both of these ingredients! Gram flour will give you the right amount of exfoliation you need for your skin to come back to its original color while the curd is an antibacterial and anti-fungal.

2. Strawberry, Yogurt and Lemon
Summer is strawberry season galore and it really is one of my most favourite fruits, so why not put it on my face too? The best thing is if some of your strawberries are getting mushy in the fridge, you can literally mash up the strawberries, add a little spritz of lemon, and some honey or yogurt to make an energizing face pack that will be the perfect remedy for dull skin.

3. Aloe vera
My aloe plant is seriously one of my favourite additions to my little home garden. Instead of spending so much money on products that have aloe vera in it, I’m a big believer in going right to the source and using the purest form I can find. With this face pack, I don’t do much besides go to my plant, open up the succulent leaves, and use the gooey juice directly on my face. Aloe is great for anti-ageing and acne and there really is no surprise as to why so many beauty products have this magical juice in it! Feel free to add in some honey, which is an antibacterial as well!

4. Cucumbers, Honey and Yogurt
See a common theme here? For any face pack really, you can use yogurt and honey to help your packs stick on your face a little better, especially with cucumber, which has high water content. Cucumber helps your tired eyes, has a lovely cooling effect and even minimizes the appearances of pores. It even soothes sunburns and helps with dry skin!

5. Sandalwood and Rose water
Sandalwood is another one of those ingredients that is readily available in India. For this specific face pack, you will ideally need sandalwood powder and rose water, which can be found at any chemist shop. Not only does this face pack help with repairing damage to your skin, but it helps reduce blemishes while moisturizing your skin. It also smells so nice and fresh!


Do you have any at-home face packs that you love? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. Maybe I’ll even try one of your suggestions this weekend!


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