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It’s summer summer time and things are getting steamy outside! When anybody mentions summer, the first place my wanderlust takes me to in my head is the beach. That’s why during summertime, I always have to make sure that I carve out some time for myself and travel to any beach, near or far.

Last month, I spent the entire month relaxing by the beach in the land down under, Australia, and just loved getting the taste of the mesmerizing Australian coastline through the eyes of a local. If you ever have the time to really spend some quality time in a place, especially near the ocean, I say go for it and savor every moment. I’m a complete beach babe, so this Australian holiday was totally my vibe and basking in the sun is one of my favourite activities ever. But, before I ever go for any beach vacay, there are some helpful attire musts I have so I don’t leave looking like a crispy piece of bacon.

1. Always wear sunscreen.
And this rule is even if you *think* you don’t burn. No matter the case, UV rays are harmful for our skin so always carry plenty with you and lather it on liberally.

2. Grab your shades!
Find your beachiest pair and make sure you protect your eyes! Those UV rays can cause lots of damage to your eyes over time as well. The cool thing is there are plenty of affordable and stylish styles that protect your eyes from 100% of the UV rays that come towards you through solar radiation.

3. Beach attire is a must.
Especially if you plan on venturing into the water. The water is warm, and the sun is hot so get a towel and get comfy in your summer best. Having proper attire will only ensure you can get cool as fast as you need to!

4. Sun hats are always in!
To top off your look, sun hats are so chic, and I love experimenting with different styles of hats. With different shapes, sizes and halos, hats are sure fire way to glam up your beach look!

5. Who could forget bags?
How do you plan to carry all your much-needed gear to the beach? Carry a light, straw tote and fill it with all of your beach essentials, including all of the above! It’s really all you really need to complete the ideal sunshine babe look. I really like totes, here’s a sustainable one from Nicobar!

Which beach essential you can’t do without?




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