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Hey guys!

I’m writing to yall from sunny Australia! It’s been a hectic few weeks with the Saaho release and setting up my new WIP Creatives office in Mumbai – but more about this new venture of mine soon! First, it’s time for a holiday. So I have come down-under to visit my dear friends and family.

Starting my vegan diet!

Recently I did a live chat with you guys on my Instagram about my change to a fully vegan diet and received a lot of encouragement – THANK YOU!! It’s certainly not easy to follow a completely plant-based diet. Most (yummy) food has some kind of dairy in it, to say the least. Whether this is egg, or cheese, cream, milk, yogurt, etc, it’s almost impossible to find something at the supermarket or in a restaurant that gives you a full meal without animal products.

Living consciously…

Why did I turn vegan? There’s a very simple answer: I love planet earth and all its inhabitants. And I think as an environmentalist leading my foundation Seams For Dreams, promoting responsibility in fashion, I simply can’t close my eyes to the other harmful ways we impact the world around us. So I decided to go vegan, starting with my diet. If you wonder how the dairy industry, for example, is harming the environment, animals, and YOU, just have a look at the many documentaries out there. A brand new one is up on Netflix, called COWSPIRACY – The Sustainability Secret, look it up and put away that beef jerky! HOME on YouTube is one of my favourites and already 10 years old! If you haven’t seen it yet, get with the program and watch it here:

A personal sacrifice.

Anyone who knows me closely knows what a huge sacrifice this change in diet means to me. I really loved meat. Even though my mom raised me mostly vegetarian, growing up in Germany, meat and dairy has been a very essential part of my lifestyle. And let me tell you this: I’ve been going through major withdrawal since I’ve quit. The salty taste of cheese… umm I do miss it. But thank goodness here in Australia there are plenty of vegan options, even for yummy melting vegan cheese on pizza! And even in Germany, the mock-meat industry has really picked up and there are vegan restaurants all over Berlin now! I can’t wait for my next EUROMAXX schedule to try them all!

My favorite Indian vegan dish!

The easiest has been to make the transition in my chosen home country India! Even though our country hasn’t picked up much on the vegan diet yet, with a huge part of our population choosing to be vegetarian, there’s so much the land has to offer! Cutting out dairy was very easy for me. One of my favorite dishes is Missi Roti! Here’s a recipe from Sanjeev Kapoor (just use oil instead of butter, or try out a yummy vegan butter like a seed butter, you can order it online, just click this link!).

Tell me yours!

That’s enough from me for today! Let me know in the comments what your favorite vegan recipes are!


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